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Host Idea Collection Events with QuizModeOn | How to Host Q&A?

02 April 2024

Invite your audience to a lively question-and-answer session where they may join in the conversation by asking their own questions. Gather all of their thoughts and feedback into a common pool of questions and answers. Create an encouraging environment for attendees to help build a sense of community and work together during the event.

How Do You Create & Host a Q&A Event with QuizModeOn?

1. Choose your language of choice for the game's content to start making your own Q&A.

2. Whether you're starting from scratch or using an existing template, the multi-language tool will allow you to prepare your event in bilingual format with ease.

4. Make your Q&A more eye-catching by adding personalized backdrops that match the theme of your event or your organization. Make use of Quizmodeon's extensive event management capabilities and the brand theme editor to give your material a professional touch.

5. Tease out the event's flow and participant experience with detailed preparation.

6. After the material, theme, and event details have been organized, simplify the event administration process. Choose your favorite means of communication and share the event links using QR codes or pin codes.

7. Use Quizmodeon's Q&A sessions to immerse yourself in the world of online events and have easy access to all of your activities.

Content Creation for Idea Collection Word Cloud Event with QuizModeOn

Create Exceptional Website Designs to Boost the Branding of Your Q&A Event

Custom website designs that match your event's unique brand identity may enhance the visual attractiveness of your Q&A event hosted on QuizModeOn. One way to make an impression and hold people's attention is to use features like customizable backdrops, embedded connections, accessible links, and QR codes.

Support Participants in Generating Questions Together

Organize a group ideation session where moderators may collect participant-submitted questions. To make sure the questions are relevant to the event and meet the expectations of the audience, moderators may assess them and either accept or reject them.

Facilitate Participant Engagement by asking Questions and Offering Assistance

Everyone will be able to see the questions that participants asked during the event. Also, using QuizModeOn's Liked Questions feature, users may show their support for questions they think are useful. This component allows users to actively participate in the conversation and add their thoughts to the ongoing debate. 

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