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Host a Quiz | How to Host a Quiz with QuizModeOn

05 March 2024

Host a Quiz | How to Host a Quiz with QuizModeOn

Create a fun and interactive quiz using QuizModeOn to assess your target audience's understanding across various subjects, spanning from fundamental concepts to specialized themes. Consider offering rewards to participants with the highest scores to enhance the thrill of your quiz.

Whether as a community immersed in a TV game show, showcasing quiz prowess, or pondering over questions at the business level of an event, participants definitely adore a captivating activity for your workplace. Super Fun quizzes can follow a specific or unique format, cover identical topics or be specialized content creations that cover selected concepts for the corporate activities with QuizModeOn's special features for Quizzes. The essence lies in enjoying and engaging workplaces with boosted morale, thinking outside the box, and relishing a dose of friendly competition.

How Do You Create & Host a Quiz Event with QuizModeOn?

  1. Choose your content language with Multi-Language offers of QuizModeOn for your multi-national audience
  2. Create your questions and answers from scratch or ready-made templates as you wish. 
  3. Customize your questions with key offers of multimedia content  to get the attention of your community and choose 2-4 question answer counts with Quizmodeon.
  4. Create Branded Themes and Designs that fit your corporate identity or The Key Visuals of Custom Works
  5. Finalize Your Content with Final work of the brand theme and Set up an Event for your Content with QuizModeOn’s offers
  6. After planning your event, it's time to begin the activity and manage the event after you've completed organizing your content, theme and planning of details.
  7. Lastly, let your audience have fun and engage with Quizmodeon’s gamification and useful engagement opportunities.

Content Creation for Engagement Gamification of QuizModeOn 

Multi-Lingual Sessions with QuizModeOn

QMO’s planned corporate occasion offers the dynamic localization offer of QMO, where you can set up events that cater to different languages at the same time. This makes sure everyone, no matter where they're from or what language they speak, feels included and can enjoy the event without feeling foreign.

Content Templates for Engaging Event of QuizModeOn

Whether you prefer crafting your own concept questions from scratch or utilizing our ready-made templates, Gamification of QMO offers user-friendly options to suit your needs. You can easily create your trivia using our editor or upload your questions in Excel format for a personalized touch. Additionally, explore diverse range of ready-made quiz templates across various categories, allowing you to design and edit content according to your preferences.

Multimedia Contents with Answer Count Options of Gamified Engagement 

As Moderators, you can use different formats like images, audio and sponsored theme questions to make activities with more interesting and immersive. You can even include audio questions, where participants listen to voice messages. Also, there are sponsored questions where selected people ask the audience directly, making the experience with QuizModeOn even better. And don't worry about answer counts; you can easily set them to 2 to 4 for each question with QMO.

Branded Themes and Designs for QuizModeOn Quiz

Make your trivia look visually appealing of your own corporation with QuizModeOn. The theme editor feature lets you create themes and add your brand's touch, including your website link and color for making your activity more fun and versatile.

Event Creation for Content and More Engaged Events with Fun 

Get your content ready by finalizing your brand theme with QuizModeOn and setting up your event using its options of QMO. Plan how your activity's occasion will run by choosing between "live" and "24/7" flows for participants, and setting event details like participant limits and PIN codes. Plan sign-up options for your colleagues, decide what information you need and Use the tool to personalize the login screen for individuals. Control the excitement of your quiz of QuizModeOn by adjusting gameplay settings like answer time and joker count. As the last touch for your trivia activity, inform your players about prizes they can win with planned workplace activity occasion details. Share pre-made images or create your own to use during registration.

Quiz Categories Suggestions for Creation of QuizModeOn

Let's brainstorm some awesome categories to create the ultimate activity! The ultimate power of quizzes is that you can get as creative and quirky as you like. While there are plenty of options out there, let's focus on some unique examples that go beyond the usual history, geography, and food & drink. Let's dive into some more imaginative categories that'll really have fun with colleagues!

General Knowledge Category for Making Fun and Engaging Events with QuizModeOn’s Trivia

General knowledge trivias provide an opportunity for employees to showcase their knowledge across various topics, encouraging friendly competition and teamwork. As suggestions for quiz categories, consider incorporating word association and guessing the sound categories of trivia with the QMO Portal' s multimedia content creation of QuizModeOn. As a suggestion for general knowledge category, word association category lets that the target audience can test their creativity and quick thinking by responding with the first word or phrase that comes to mind when presented with a prompt. This category encourages people to think on their feet and promotes spontaneous interaction among team members. As an addition to this suggestion, the guess the sound category, can put their listening skills to the test by identifying various sounds, such as animal noises, musical instruments, or everyday objects. This category adds an element of excitement and intrigue to the trivia, as participants try to guess the source of each sound correctly. It also encourages active listening and collaboration as participants work together to decipher the sounds. So, trivia activity can create a dynamic and enjoyable experience that promotes team bonding, stimulates intellectual curiosity, and boosts morale within the workplace.

Business Category for Testimonials 

This category focuses on testing employees' knowledge and understanding of various aspects of the business world, including management principles, industry trends, and organizational strategies. By participating in this trivia, colleagues can enhance their business acumen and gain insights into key concepts that drive success in the workplace environment. As a suggestion, put your brand knowledge to the test with the "Name that Logo"  category! Moderators can create a trivia that shows participants partial or distorted images of well-known logos, and it's up to you to guess which brand they belong to. It's a fun way to see how well you know your favorite companies and products. Let's see if you can recognize them all!

Movies and Series Category for Boosting Morale of Employees

Get ready to test your colleague’s knowledge of movies and series with a fun category! From iconic blockbusters to binge-worthy TV shows, you can challenge participants with questions about your favorite films and series. As a suggestion, the Emoji Pictionary trivia category with the multimedia options of QuizModeOn would be a fun concept for participants to present you with a series of emojis that represent movies, books, or popular phrases, and it's your job to guess the correct answer. It's a playful and collective way to test your creativity and pop culture knowledge. Let's see if you can decode these emoji puzzles and guess them all! 

Once you've planned an occasion, it's time to kick off the quiz and keep everything in check after setting up your content, theme, and event specifics. Also, most importantly, let your audience enjoy and get involved with QuizModeOn's fun and engaging activity.

Funda Avcılar
Digital Content Writer

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