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QuizModeOn IT Setup Guide

To run Quizmodeon, you need any modern computer/portable device with a recent version of a major HTML5 browser.

09 October 2023

Browsers and devices

To use QuizModeOn, you need either an up-to-date computer or portable device that comes equipped with the most recent version of a major HTML5 browser (such Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari), or an iOS or Android device that is capable of running browsers that fall into the same category.

Network settings

If using a firewall, QuizModeOn needs access to ports 80 and 443 on these domains:

  • wss://

SSL is used to protect data sent from devices to websites. Networks that keep an eye on SSL traffic will sometimes use their own certificates instead of ours. This could lead to problems with identification. The above URLs might need to get around network monitoring.

WebSockets keep QuizModeOn safe. To ensure they can be used to proxy servers, you might need to whitelist our WebSocket URL: wss://*

Browser session storage and cookies are also used to support the internal operations of our services.

Player capacity and internet bandwidth

If your subscription allows, thousands of people can play QuizModeOn at the same time. Here are the minimum bandwidths that should be able to handle certain amounts of people playing live games if everyone is connecting from the same organization or network infrastructure:

  • 20 players - 2Mbps
  • 50 players - 3Mbps
  • 100 players - 5Mbps
  • 500 players - 25Mbps
  • 1000 players - 50Mbps
  • 2000 players and more - 100Mbps and above
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