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Challenging Word Game with More Jokers

Guess What is a type of game where participants try to figure out the keyword, which is divided into boxes of letters, utilizing a pre-written text that contains the word as a clue. It's also a useful type of event for testing participants' quick and accurate writing speed, along with their ability to recall information from memory.

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guess what

Game Modes & Unique Features

Discover various features to spice up your events.

more jokers for challangers

Create a Game Made for Challenger's with More Jokers

Guess What stands out from other quiz-like games with its unique challenging features. More Jokers provide players with additional letters to help them guess the entire keyword. This feature adds another layer of challenge, excitement, and strategy to the game.

theme editor

Use Customized Brand Theme Feature’s Power for Guess What

Enjoy complete flexibility of QuizModeOn’s theme editor and easily apply your corporate identity by adding custom logos, brand colors, and backgrounds.


Redefine Gamification with More Gameplay Options

The fast-paced nature of Guess What allows for quick gameplay. Each round, participants feel increasingly excited about the event with answer time, the number of jokers available, and the guessing limit.

AI Assistant

Get assistance from our AI bot by entering a simple prompt about your content to create questions and answers seamlessly. Add content and finalize your workflow as soon as possible.

Multi Lingual Sessions

Multi-language feature allows participants to answer questions in different languages with the same questions at the same sessions and they are evaluated equally.


As we know from knowledge testing implementations, allow the audience to bypass difficulties with guessing between two choices rather than four choices. It all comes down to strategy and fast thinking!

Sponsor Question

A profile picture can be added to a question, giving the impression that an individual is directing the question to your audience. This question can also be presented by a fictional character or anything else.

Quiz Templates

Create your own content templates as quiz questions or use readymade templates from QuizModeOn for your own unique quiz contents with multi-language options.

Multimedia Content

Various multimedia formats are supported, including visual and audio questions. These can be utilized as different types of questions to engage participants, such as music or voice messages.

Tournament Mode

Bring excitement with more challenging experience. Incorrect answers will result in users being eliminated, preventing them from answering subsequent questions.

Live or 24/7 Asynch

The event flow can be arranged in two ways. First, the live event flow, where all participants join and play simultaneously. Second, the 24/7 event mode, allowing participants to access the event at any time.

When, Where, and Why?
Use of Guess What

Create events with various combinations for all your needs.

In-Corporate Events HR Recruitment Learning/Training Marketing
when to use events


Guess What events are frequently used for learning & marcom events.

Academy & Education

Training Sessions

Talent Acquisition

Internal Communications

Marketing Communications

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Guess What events are best for educational & promotional activities.

Courses at Schools & Universities

Workshops & Webinars

All Hands Meetings & Happy Hours

Summits & Conferences

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Festivals & Roadshows

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where to use events
why to use events


Guess What is an extremely challenging concept for many purposes

Boost Learning Process

Test Your Audience's Knowledge

Increase Engagement & Motivation at Work

Spice Up Internal Events with Challenge

Reach Potential Customers & Promote Your Product

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How to Create Guess What Events?

Learn event creation progress step by step.

Create your questions and answers from scratch or readymade templates as you wish.

You can create quizzes from scratch by using our user-friendly editor or upload your questions in excel format.

Another option, our ready-made quiz templates are here for you, with many categories. Choose one of them and easily create and edit your content as you wish.

Choose the content language for your event. If you have a multi-national audience, you can use the multi-language feature to bring all your audience together in a single session.

Customize your questions and answers to get the attention of your audience with interactive multimedia content such as pictures and audio files.

Create customized branded themes and designs that fit your corporate identity or key visuals of custom works and events.

Check and finalize your content.

Let’s set up an event for your content with some features.

Plan the way your event flows. You can choose between Live or 24/7 flows, according to your event dynamics.

Set the features of your event information, like the participant limit and the PIN code.

Choose your audience‘s sign up options, and figure out what information you need to keep and use, with this configuration, you can customize how participants see their login screen.

Set the level of excitement of your event by gameplay parameters such as answer time for questions, amount of jokers, and maximum number of times to guess an answer.

You can use predefined avatars or create and upload custom avatars for registration.

After planning the event, it’s time to start and manage your event.

Let your audience have fun and engage.

Remember that speed is a factor, quicker correct answers let participants have more points.

Finally, collect instant results and reward your audiences for their success as you wish.

Guess What Alternatives

Try distinct type of events with unique dynamics and excitement levels.

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Gameplay Video

Watch our short video to learn about the basics, such as event flow and features.