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Engage, Connect, Energize, Collaborate, Empower

Strengthen internal communications, foster collaboration and transparency, boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

Problems and Facts

When companies neglect to use engaging events in their corporate communications,
it can lead to several negative outcomes.


of employees feel disconnected and dissatisfied


of employees report feeling stressed due to poor communication


of employees, causing a 18% decline in profitability and productivity

Solution and Benefits

Implement interactive and immersive strategies in your corporate communications
to enhance employee involvement and foster a culture of collaboration.

your audience
your meetings & events
your team
social interaction between employees

Benefits of engaging activities in corporate communications;

foster bonds between colleagues and partners,

enhance corporate synergy with interactive events,

spice up internal events with challenging games,

encourage participants to join brainstorm sessions,

reward outstanding achievements in business,

increase productivity and motivation,

get instant feedback from your audience,

build lasting connections and networking,

reach potential partners & promote your product.

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Target Audience and Occasions

Connect your target audience and customize your communication strategies to suit
both internal and external events, ensuring optimal engagement and effectiveness.

Employees / Colleagues
Foster bonds between colleagues and enhance corporate synergy
Business Partners
Catch-up with your business partners, build lasting connections and networking
General Audience
Let your audience share their ideas, gather their opinions and instant feedback

Corporate communication occasions;

internal and external events,

corporate meetings and workshops,

town halls / all hands meetings,

trade shows and seminars,

partnership meetings,

product launches,

public relations activities,

annual and quarterly meetings.

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group discussion between employees

Outstanding Features

Quizmodeon comes with a variety of innovative features that help engage your audience.

Tailor-Made Brand Design

Themes and colors can be tailored to match the brand's corporate identity, adding logo and background visuals to create a cohesive and personalized experience.

Multiplayer & Live

You can host live events for up to 10000 concurrent participants. The event flow can be alternatively arranged 24/7 self-paced, allowing access at any time.

AI Assistant

Get assistance from our AI bot by entering a simple prompt about your content to create questions and answers seamlessly. Add content and finalize your workflow as soon as possible.

Multi Lingual Sessions

Multi-language feature allows participants to answer questions in different languages with the same questions at the same sessions and they are evaluated equally.

Event Library

Word Cloud, Q&A, Quiz, Poll, Word Games, Spin Wheel and more being added continuously.

Detailed Reports

Event managers can access detailed reports and analytics at the end of the event. User registration data is GDPR-compliant.

What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonials: Their Stories, Our Success

Osman Salih Demirci

Internal Communications and Event Manager

ING Türkiye

We have been in collaboration with QuizModeOn since 2021. We have organized various content for different target audiences and conducted dozens of quiz events. Its user-friendly interface, customizability for our brand, and quick solutions have made it an indispensable part of our online events.

Gözde Aslan

Global Internal Communications Brand Lead


QuizModeon has proven to be an invaluable asset to our organization, seamlessly integrating into our events with unparalleled user-friendliness and customization options. The ease with which we can tailor quizzes to suit different occasions has significantly enhanced our engagement activities, creating a dynamic and interactive environment for participants.

Pınar Masal Arslan

Internal Communication Specialist

Global Bilgi

QuizModeOn has a user-friendly interface and a team with strong communication skills. Having different types of games within the application also increases diversity and awareness in our in-company competitions and events.

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