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Quickest Way to Collect Open-Ended Questions

Bring your audience together and let them ask their questions easily via Q&A event. Collect all of your participants' questions to create a collective questions pool. Each participant can react to any question by upvoting it to be answered. Q&A is one of the most engaging and effective ways to foster a supportive event environment among participants and allow them to pose their questions anonymously.

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Event Modes & Unique Features

Discover various features to spice up your events.

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Collect Anonymously or Directly Asked Questions

Participants may prefer to ask their questions anonymously if they wish to keep their inquiries confidential. Additionally, you have the option to collect user data such as usernames, emails, phone numbers, or IDs if users consent to share their identity when joining the event. All collected data adheres to GDPR compliance standards, and with our enterprise membership plans, you can upload your own privacy and data policies.

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Use Customized Brand Theme Feature’s Power for Q&A

Enjoy complete flexibility of QuizModeOn’s theme editor and easily apply your corporate identity by adding custom logos, brand colors, and backgrounds.

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Gain Control, Watch and Manage Audience Questions Using the Moderation Panel

The fast-paced nature of a Q&A event allows for quick questions from participants. The moderator can filter the questions that have been asked, and only the approved questions are displayed on both the presenter's and participants' screens. The Moderator can also pin some questions that are likely to be answered to the top.


Participants can upvote each other's questions that they would like to see answered. When a question is upvoted, its like count increases and it moves higher up in the list.


All asked questions will be listed on the moderation screen and filtered by the moderator. Approved questions will be visible on all participants' screens and the presenter's page.

Multi Lingual Sessions

Multi-language feature allows participants to answer questions in different languages with the same questions at the same sessions and they are evaluated equally.

Live Events

The events can be arranged as live sessions. Due to the live nature of these events, participants are able to join at any time during the session. They can ask their own questions and interact with others' questions by upvoting.

When, Where, and Why?
Use of Q&A

Create events with fine-tuned options for all your needs.

In-Corporate Events HR Recruitment Learning/Training Marketing
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Q&A's are frequently used for corporate communications & marcom events.

Employer Branding

Training Sessions

Product Launch

Marketing Communications

Internal Communications

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Q&A's are best for meetings & social activities.

All Hands Meetings

Town Hall Meetings

Fireside Chats

Employee Feedback Sessions

Summits & Conferences

Online Courses & Webinars

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where to use events
why to use events


Q&A is a time-saving interaction tool for many purposes

Gather Opinions

Share Ideas & Brainstorm

Spice Up Internal Events with Interaction

Collect Valuable Data & Analyze Results

Get Instant Feedback from Your Audience

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How to Create Q&A Sessions?

Learn event creation progress step by step.

Create your event from scratch.

Customize your questions and answers to get the attention of your audience with interactive multimedia content such as pictures and audio files.

Create customized branded themes and designs that fit your corporate identity or key visuals of custom works and events.

Check and finalize your content.

Let’s set up an event for your content with some features.

Live event flow is default according to the Q&A event dynamics.

Set the features of your event information, like the participant limit and the PIN code.

Choose your audience‘s sign up options, and figure out what information you need to keep and use, with this configuration, you can customize how participants see their login screen.

You can use predefined avatars or create and upload custom avatars for registration.

After planning the event, it’s time to start and manage your event.

Let your audience have fun and engage.

Q&A Alternatives

Try distinct type of events with unique dynamics and excitement levels.

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