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QuizModeOn: #1 in Online Events

05 January 2023

QuizModeOn became one of the most popular online event platforms by providing distinctive solutions for various purposes such as training, recruitment, in-house events, and product launches. Its many enjoyable features have sparked interest in the online platform from sectors across the board. During the coronavirus period, brands preferred QuizModeOn to provide a fun activity to their employees while also providing a pleasant competition environment within the company.

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Distinguishing Features of QuizModeOn

Award-Winning Question: Arouse curiosity by letting participants see the prizes you will give the winners at the end of the quiz!

Sponsored Question: Boost the excitement with humorous language by including the brand ambassador or company officials in the quiz!

Audio Question: Use the Audio Question feature to make your questions more interactive, whether with music or sound!

Visual Question: Provide contestants with an opportunity to present the answers to your quiz questions visually.

Presenter Message: Provide an interactive experience with messages that can be sent to participants during the quiz!

Simultaneous Multi-Language Infrastructure: With Simultaneous Multi-Language Support, you can hold quizzes in multiple languages at the same time all over the world!

Why QuizModeOn?

  • Bring your employees together with an enjoyable online event!
  • Provide an enjoyable experience by moving the quizzes to your website!
  • Reach more people thanks to cloud infrastructure!
  • Be memorable by offering rewards through promotions!

For detailed information about QuizModeOn, the online quiz platform that offers solutions for different purposes such as in-house online events, department meetings, recruitment simulations, company training, dealer meetings, and product launches, please contact us at [email protected].

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