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Upcoming QuizModeOn Portal is Unveiled!

06 January 2023

QuizModeOn, providing solutions for various purposes such as training, recruitment, in-house events, and product launch, has announced that the much-anticipated QuizModeOn Portal will be available very soon.

QuizModeOn, one of the most popular platforms for online events, has been used numerous times by various departments in many leading companies over the last year.

The platform is highly appreciated in terms of being easily accessible from mobile and desktop devices without the need to download an application. Its live infrastructure and ability to host 10,000+ people simultaneously make a difference with features such as "Audio, Visual, Sponsored Questions". QuizModeOn includes various game types, such as Survey, 7/24 Quiz, Tombola, and Guess What, which will provide many advantages with its new update.

QuizModeOn Is Now a Public Portal

QuizModeOn, a web-based quiz platform where you can organise live competitions for your target audience, is now a portal open for user management. Thanks to the portal where everyone can easily prepare their own quizzes, brands and agencies can quickly create their quizzes in online events and publish them through the links of their own domains.

Event Management with Theme Editor

The portal allows you to create an interface with your brand's identity, including your brand's logo, colors, designs and content, allowing everyone to manage the process easily with its user-friendly interface. It has never been easier to reflect your corporate identity with the theme editor, enabling you to make a difference with an interface design tailored to your brand!

Plenty of Options! Different Game Types and Quiz Modes

With the coins you purchase, you can diversify your online activities by selecting the Game Type (Quiz, Poll, Guess, Bingo) and Quiz Mode (24/7, Live, Asynchronous, Tournament).

Different Theme Interfaces for Each Event

The portal has two different theme interfaces for the brand and quiz. Your brand homepage represents your corporate identity with two distinct theme interfaces that offer a variety of quizzes under a single brand. It enables you to organise quizzes on various topics for various departments (HR, Marketing, IT, Marketing, Online Events, Internship Programs, and Merchant Meetings).

Different Theme Interfaces for Each Event

One of the most significant advantages of the portal is the ability to create entirely new modes. You can add unique features, updates, and game types to your membership package at no additional cost.

How Does Our Subsciption Packages Work?

  • Select the package that best suits your needs.
  • Purchase as many coins as you desire.
  • Select from a variety of games.
  • Give your target audience a memorable experience.
  • Enjoy advantageous packages!

Reach us at [email protected] for more information about QuizModeOn Portal, or check out QuizModeOn's new subscription models that provides a competitive advantage to your company with memorable experiences while reaching your target audience!

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