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What is QuizModeOn?

11 April 2021

QuizModeOn is an online platform that allows you to host live multiplayer competitions. Our product includes various tools and features designed to elevate virtual and hybrid events by making them more engaging, interactive, and pleasant for corporations, agencies, and educational institutions.

Offering a unified solution for in-corporate events, HR recruitments, learning/training, and marketing purposes, it quickly became one of the most popular platforms for online events. QuizModeOn is constantly expanding and updating in response to input from a wide range of brands, providing a more efficient and results-oriented solution.

A Brief History of QuizModeOn

QuizModeOn: Powered by CodeModeOn

Founded in March 2013, CodeModeOn is a prominent VR/AR solutions provider in Turkey. 

As the pandemic emerged, CodeModeOn began offering online solutions. Our journey started with web-based online projects, such as QuizModeOn, one of our flagship projects, enabled us to reach a large number of participants simultaneously. With over 8 years of experience in corporate events, the company brought game-based marketing services to the next level. 

Looking ahead, we are committed to expanding this adventure by introducing new projects in the near future.

QuizModeOn: Beginning of a New Era

The QuizModeOn project began in January 2020 and was completed six months later in July. We are proud to propose a game-changing solution for online quiz experiences, thanks to the team's long and hard work.

Especially during the pandemic time, when a large number of individuals were working from home, QuizModeOn emerged as a valuable asset for businesses to organize online meetings.

QuizModeOn is now frequently utilized for many purposes, suggesting unique elements like Sponsor Questions and Audio Questions that go beyond standard quiz dynamics. With its brand-themed interface design, it appeals to both general audiences and company employees, providing a memorable experience.

Our game section now includes quizzes, Taboo, Poll, Q&A, Spin Wheel, Word Games, and more for many purposes, including corporate training, HR recruitment, education, product launches, annual meetings, and motivational events. QuizModeOn caters to the general audience and company employees in many industries, providing a memorable experience with a brand-specific, customizable interface design. The insightful comments it has received from brands worldwide are one of the main factors influencing its development.

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QuizModeOn: Elevating Brands

Arzum, one of the first brands to make a difference with QuizModeOn, provided enjoyable moments by hosting a competition moderated by Ali Tınaz at its Dealer Meeting.

Another brand that chose QuizModeOn, Yıldız Holding, utilized it for their recruitment processes to assess candidates' knowledge after weekly training programs.

Paribu rewarded its members with Bitcoin in a special quiz contest, where participants competed fiercely, experiencing both competition and fun.

Microsoft, Sanofi, ING, Yapı Kredi, Penti, Yıldız Holding, Mercedes, Toyota, and many more brands opted for QuizModeOn for their online events, offering their employees an entertaining experience.

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QuizModeOn Portal

Thanks to QuizModeOn updates, our platform serves as a "content management system" that can be renewed according to the demands of brands, offering users the ability to manage it. Our application allows brand and agency officials to prepare their competitions easily, enabling them to reach their target audience with a brand-specific design in online activities.

Users can choose from different modes (24/7, Live, Team Game, Tournament) and various types of activities (Taboo, Quiz, Poll, Q&A, Word Games, Tombola, Spin Wheel) within their membership package, making a difference in their online activities. One of the most considerable advantages of our product is that users have access to new features, updates, and brand-new game types included in their membership packages without paying any additional fees.

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QuizModeOn is a tribute to ingenuity in this ever-changing digital landscape, elevating online engagement into an art form. It is more than simply a platform; it is a quest to create unique virtual experiences. QuizModeOn has evolved into a dynamic force, reinventing how companies communicate with their audiences. When we look to the future, the possibilities are endless. Join us as we co-create the next era of interactive, engaging, and unforgettable online events. The evolution of your brand begins here.

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