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06 January 2023

QuizModeOn, a web-based quiz platform that allows you to organize live competitions for your target audience, continues to make a difference by adding brand-new products to its family! The online quiz platform, which appeals to a broad audience and personnel in various industries, is easily accessible from all mobile and desktop platforms without the need to download an application.

QuizModeOn is preferred by many brands as part of online events and is here with brand-new products that will double the fun!

1. Guess What |  Word Game: BONUS LETTERS TO WIN!

Become champion of the day by answering the most questions in live competition! QuizModeOn family offers an entirely different experience with its brand new product, “Guess What”. This game goes beyond the Quiz standards that we are used to, it is possible to be the day's champion by managing your time well and having the least number of bonus letters! The pleasant competition experience aims to increase competition and internal motivation in online events.

Guess What Game

2. Live Quiz: Simultaneous Excitement!

The excitement is at its highest in this scenario, where everyone competes simultaneously, and Quiz results are aired live! You can double the competitiveness and excitement by bringing your employees together with the Live Quiz. With this quiz type, one of the most enjoyable genres you can add to your online activities, you may provide your employees with a high level of entertainment!

Live Quiz Mode

3. Survey: What is the popular answer?

The Survey game can be played online and offline, allowing you to provide your employees with a one-of-a-kind experience. You can address all kinds of questions to your team using this feature and ask your employees the topics they are most curious about within the company. You can run different analyses based on the responses. A survey game in which the survey results are shared with everyone, and there is no right or wrong; it also helps you to understand the popular opinion of your team entertainingly.

Survey Mode

4. 24/7 Quiz: Don’t miss a contest ever again

"7/24 Quiz" is one of the most popular quizzes we offer. With this feature, the concern of missing a contest is gone forever, as your quiz will be constantly available for your participants. 24/7 Quiz allows players to enter and answer questions at any time during the designated days and hours. Competition results are announced at the end of the time given for your quiz.

24/7 Mode

Contact us for more information on QuizModeOn, which allows you to be remembered while addressing your target audience through Brand-Specific Interface Design in each product and provides both a fun and instructional experience!

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